How to see profile visits on instagram

How to see profile visits on instagram

How to see profile visits on instagram – Have you seen anyone or friends showing off their Instagram profile visits in the last 7 days?

If you try to look at your Instagram profile, you will not find a menu of the number of visits as yours. Obviously, because this is not a feature available for ordinary accounts.

What do you mean by that? So the feature of the number of visits the last 7 days on Instagram is apparently not available for personal accounts.

But only available for business instagram accounts. Instagram has recently provided a special account feature for those who have businesses or sell via Instagram.

This feature has many advantages that support a person or company in managing their profile on Instagram.

In a business account you can promote or advertise on each of its Instagram posts. This ad will appear on the homepage and story instagram of the location, age, gender, etc. that have been determined by the advertiser.

How to see profile visits on instagram

To be able to see the number of visits in the last 7 days, we must change our IG account to a business account. Here’s the Complete Tutorial:

1. Open your Instagram and enter the Settings menu.

2. Then you can swipe a little down and see the article Switch to business account or Switch to business account.

3. After that a brief explanation will appear about instagram business. Just continue until entering the next stage.

4. The next step is to select your business account category. Please select Personal Blog.

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5. Then there will be a confirmation question whether the e-mail and telephone number belong to your account. Or please fill in your email and new telephone number. If it is correct, click Next.

6. One of the requirements to switch to an Instagram business account is that you must have a Facebook fanpage. So at this stage you are asked to connect your Instagram account to your FB fanpage account. Silahka is selected in the following menu. Then click Done.

7. There will be a pop up notification that the creation of a business account has been successful to see click Go to Profile or Go to Profile. You will see your new profile with additional features after becoming a business account.

8. In the profile menu, you will see a new menu, insight.

9. In this insight menu you will see data from your profile visit history in full.


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