How to delete google search history On smartphone

How to delete google search history on smartphone

How to delete google search history On android – Google Chrome is the default browser for those of you who use Android devices. Of course there are lots of things and information that you open every day using this browser, from inspiring cooking recipes for food today to personal and very personal information for yourself.

Certainly embarrassing for yourself if people can find out what are the activities that you do on the internet using a cell phone when opening traces of search from a browser.

How do you delete a Google search on your cellphone, is there a way that you can search for information or open a personal site without being recorded on a cell phone?

How to delete google search history On android

Cookies Is data that is implanted on your device to record traces of online activities that you do using Google, usually for online marketing purposes.

Download history. The traces of data that you upload will also be recorded either images, documents, audio, or video that is accessed using Google Chrome.

Cached. This data makes your Google access faster because it has been “prepared” and just opened.

Keywords that you have saved to log in to your account, forms that you have filled in, and other data are also stored by the browser.

Removing traces of data tracing above is not only important for maintaining the privacy and security of your data but also can reduce the memory burden of applications so that applications can be run more quickly after the data that has accumulated is deleted.

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How to clear Google search and data on a smartphone

Here’s how to delete Google searches on your cell phone that you can do with just a few clicks:

Open Google Chrome Google Chrome icon.

In the upper right corner tap the three dot icon Google Chrome MenuThen select History history chrome.

You can choose to delete traces of certain page searches by tapping the X logo on the right side of the search

Or tap on the words “clear browsing data”

On the Basic tab select the search time period that you want to delete, all time, last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, or last 4 weeks, then check the part of the data you want to delete, tap Clear Data.

If you want to delete a specific search history you can choose which one to delete by tapping on this icon delete chrome.

On the Advanced tab you can delete more data such as cached, stored passwords, and so on.

That is the way to delete Google search on cellphone to maintain the privacy and security of your data.

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