How to Answer Ask Me a Question Instagram

How to Answer Ask Me a Question Instagram

How to Answer Ask Me a Question Instagram – Instagram is a social media based photo sharing application on Android and iPhone. Instagram itself is very diligent in updating its application.

Same is the case with the Facebook application which is updated almost every day because the owner is the same.

But the update is also of course to fix the bugs and add new features, for example IG this time launched the Ask me question or Ask me question feature.

In this feature you can invite followers to ask anything about yourself.

Then you as the one who made the ask me question can choose the questions that come in and answer them.

Furthermore, you can display the answers again in your friends’ insta stories.

How to Make an Ask Me Question

Previously maybe there were people who didn’t know how we would explain again how to make ask me question.

  • Please update your Instagram application to the most recent, otherwise this feature will not work properly.
  • Then enter the insta story creation menu as usual, or just swipe to the left.
  • Then Swipe Up and look for the Question sticker.
  • Now make words to invite questions from followers.
  • In the brain tweak to beauty.
  • Then Send Insta Story.
  • Finish and wait for the questions entered.

For followers who want to answer how easy it is to just type your question in the type something column.

How to Answer the Ask Me Question

If a question has been entered, now only a way to answer or respond to the question that is entered.
How to Ask on ASk Me Question
See the Incoming Question

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Open Instagram then see the incoming notification.
Swipe left and right to see all responses.

How to answer

  • Select one of the questions then tap / click.
  • Then select Share Response or Share Response.
  • You will be taken to a menu like insta story as usual.
  • Type your response.
  • Then send.
  • You can also tag the questioner.

This feature was released by Instagram on July 10 yesterday. If this feature is not on your Instagram then just update to the latest IG because for the old IG version this feature does not work properly.

As experience I can not ask on someone else’s insta apparently because I have not updated.

All the information that we can share, hopefully can be useful and thank you for visiting.

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