How to track someone location by phone number

How to track someone location by phone number - Tracking one's position can be done easily via an android phone. We can even find out their location in real time, meaning we can monitor their movements from time to time. We just sit and relax while looking at the maps that appear on our cellphone screen.

Parents can use this method to find out the position of children through their android cellphones (if they are already given cellphones), so they feel more secure while the children are doing outside activities. Parents come to know where their children are, and where they are traveling.

How to track someone location by phone number

1. Track someone's position via WhatsApp

The first easiest way is to use WhatsApp. We can use the location sharing feature of WA to find out someone's position. Can be used on friends who like to ngaret if the agreement so that we can track the position where he is, really already walking or even still in the room.

Open WhatsApp (target phone). Select the attachment icon, then select location.

The Send location menu will appear. There are several choices we can use. If you only want to share your current position, select the Send your current location menu.

To share a location live or in real time we select the Share live location menu. We choose this one because we want to track the target's movements live.

Determine how long the position of the cell phone will be tracked, it can be 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. Fill in the message in the comment section, then tap the send button.

A message will be sent from the target cell to our cell phone in the form of google maps, and we can see the location of the target cell phone along with changes in its position from time to time.

To use this feature, the WhatsApp application must be given permission to access our location. If a pop-up request from WhatsApp will not appear, just select allow.

2. track someone using google maps

How to find out someone's position through google maps is also very easy, because every android mobile must be connected to a google account and there is usually a default Google maps application. We can take advantage of this feature.

Here's how:

Open google maps, then tap on the menu and select Location sharing.

After that select Get Started. A menu will appear to determine how long the location will be shared and what application will be sent.

Determine how long the location will be shared. Then send via WhatsApp or other messaging applications. To see more choices tap on the more button.

After the location is successfully sent, a link will appear on the recipient's mobile to google maps, which when clicked will immediately lead to the target location live.

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