How to resolve Unable to access camera in Instagram

How to resolve Unable to access camera in Instagram  - One problem that is often encountered when wanting to post photos or videos to Instagram via a cellphone camera is the notification "Cannot connect to camera" or "Cannot connect to camera" if the settings are in English.

How to resolve Unable to access camera in Instagram

This problem arises because Instagram does not have permission to access our cellphone camera. It could also be because the installed Instagram application is corrupt. On this occasion I will give tips on how to overcome the problem of not being able to connect to the camera when I want to post to Instagram.

How to resolve Unable to access camera in Instagram 

1. Check access permission of the Instagram application

The first step is to check whether the Instagram application has been given permission to access our cellphone camera. If it's not, then we must give permission in advance so that the camera can connect to Instagram when posting.

You do this by opening the Settings menu> Installed Apps> Instagram.

Later we will enter the App info menu, here are several options such as Clear data, Clear cache, Force stop, Uninstall, and Permission manager. Tap on the Permission manager option.

Permission manager is a place where we will give permission to the Instagram application to access the camera. Simply drag it to the bottom of the Access camera option.

If you see a red cross, it means that the Instagram application on your cellphone is not allowed to access the camera. This means that is the reason why every time you want to post a notification "Cannot connect to the camera" always appears.

Just tap on the Access camera, then options like this will appear:

To give camera access to Instagram then select Accept. Close the settings window, then open the Instagram application again. Try to post photos with your cellphone camera, if you can then the problem is solved.

But if it turns out you still can't, then you can follow the next steps.

2. Clean application data and cache

The cause of the error message "Cannot connect to the camera" when using Instagram can also be caused by problems with the data and application cache. Often by clearing application data and cache (also applies to other applications), this kind of error problem can usually be resolved.

To clear data and cache the Instagram application, the steps are very easy:

Go to Settings> Installed Apps> Instagram. Drag down then tap on the Clear data and Clear cache options.

After the data and cache are cleared, try opening the Instagram app again and then trying to post with the camera. Previously you will be asked to log in again. If it turns out the camera can be used, it means that the problem is indeed in the data and application cache.

3. Remove and install the Instagram application again

If the above method is still not able to overcome this error problem, then you can also try to delete the Instagram application from your cellphone and then install a new one. It could be the cause of the error message "Cannot be connected to the camera" because the application is already corrupted.

Simply uninstall the application, then install the new one from Playstore. If you've tried opening Instagram, log in, then try posting photos using the camera. If the camera is successfully connected, the problem is the application.

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