How to Play PS2 Games on Android

How to Play PS2 Games on Android  - Looking for information on how to play PS2 games on Android that are easy without lag? Looks like you are in the right place, because in this post I will give short tips so that we can play PS 2 games on Android phones.

How to Play PS2 Games on Android

We can play PS 2 games on an Android phone by using an emulator. For more details, see the following review to complete.

Why play PS 2 games on Android mobile ???

Playing games is very fun. In fact, sometimes the game is used as the most appropriate alternative to entertain yourself from feeling bored or tired of the various activities that you do.

No wonder there are many people who eventually become addicted to the games they like. In fact, many of them often forget the time they were so engrossed in playing games.

Especially now that there are more and more games that you can try to play, whether paid or free. You can also play your favorite games via your Android or iOS smartphone.

There are tons of android games with various genres that have lots of amazing features and graphics. For example just the game Mobile Legends, Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, and there are many more.

But sometimes you also want to reminisce by playing legendary PS2 games. But PS 2 now seems less popular, we prefer to play games using smartphones.

Can I play PS 2 games on an Android phone? The answer is yes.
We can play the PS2 game on Android easily without lag, just follow the tips below.

How to Play PS2 Games on Android  

1. First make sure your HP specs are qualified

It takes qualified specs to play PS2 games on your Android smartphone. Make sure at least your cellphone runs on the latest Android OS, a minimum of Android 4.0.3 or higher, Snapdragon 430 processor, GPU ARM Mali 400 or Qualcomm Adreno 305, minimum RAM memory capacity of 2GB, and free space on internal memory of at least 3GB.

If your phone specs are minimal as above then playing PS 2 games on android should be smooth and not slow. But if the specs of your cellphone are still below that, it still seems to be lacking, later the game will become too heavy and broken.

2. Download the PS2 emulator for Android

There are many PS2 emulators that can be used, one of the most recommended is PPSSPP because copies can be downloaded for free via Google PlayStore. However, of the many emulators it turns out that there is one that is light enough and doesn't need the BIOS to open an ISO file on Android, which is Play! PS2 emulator.

But it is very unfortunate that the emulator is still not available on Google PlayStore, but you can download it via the Aps download site and other Android game apps. For more convenience, you can download it via this button:

Download the PS2 Emulator for Android

After finishing downloading the apk file, just install it on your cellphone as usual.

3. Download the ISO PS2 game that you want to play

You can visit the page to find the PS2 game that you want to try playing. Tap on the Alternative Download Link button (With Ads And Timer), then Pup-Up will appear and wait a while until the Download button appears.

You can save the file in your cellphone file manager, then set the folder with a clear name so that you can more easily find it.

4. Extract the 7zip file

You can extract this 7zip file with the help of the 7Zipper application which can be downloaded via PlayStore. Open the application then look for the PS2 game file that you downloaded or downloaded earlier to extract it.

Don't forget to keep the game folders in the file manager organized with a clear game name so that when you want to play it later you will not be confused.

5. Play PS2 games on your Android phone with emulator

When the extraction process is complete, the file will later become an ISO file. Well, now you can open the Play application! PS2 emulator, so the ISO file will be detected automatically. Finally, just select the game and the PS2 stick will automatically appear along with the analog.

Thus the information we can share about how to play PS2 games on Android is easy without lag. Hopefully it can be useful and inspiring.

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