How To Find Mac Address on Android

How To Find Mac Address on Android - When someone hears the word MAC Address, some people must wonder what the MAC Address is. While some others who are already experienced in network matters must be directed directly to a unique set of numeric codes.

How To Find Mac Address on Android

Maybe we do not realize that the MAC Address is a number that is very important and even confidential. Every device, whether it's a cellphone or computer, has been given a different MAC address. For this reason, MAC addresses have unique properties because there is never a similar Mac Address between devices.

Understanding MAC Address

What is MAC Address? How do I see the MAC address on Android? You need to know that MAC Address stands for Media Access Control Address which is a network address below the screen data link layer in the OSI model. MAC Address contains various codes that are unique in each part and differ from one hardware to another hardware.

MAC Address is given to a device connected to the internet. Usually you will find MAC Address on devices such as routers, wireless cards, LANs, and various other devices that can be used to connect to the internet.

Maybe some people think that MAC Address is nothing more than a collection of ordinary numbers that are usually ignored. Though MAC Address is very important because between MAC Address each device is different. Even the MAC address of the computer with a cell phone is also not the same. For some people, especially those who are already pro about MAC Address, they surely know that this address can be falsified in various ways. Therefore, users are prohibited from spreading or notifying others about the MAC Address on their device.

How to see MAC Address on Android

Below we will explain the steps you need to take when you want to see the MAC Address on an android phone. This step does not need to use the help of other applications or third party applications. Why? Because basically the Android operating system is equipped with a feature called about phone. This is where you can later see how your MAC Address.

1. First go to Settings.

2. Then select System.

3. After that select About phone.

4. To see information about the MAC Address on your cell phone, please select Hardware information.

5. Scroll down a bit and here you will see the MAC address on your cellphone.

That's how to see MAC Address on android easily. But keep in mind, you must not spread the MAC Address and even have to keep it a secret. The goal is to prevent undesirable things from happening which can later harm you or others.

Then what is the function of the MAC Address? The main function of this MAC address is to identify a hardware device that is connected to the network. That way, then actually a network can be modified to find out who can enter or get access to the network.

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