How to Convert Excel to PDF online

How to Convert Excel to PDF online - Excel Document Files are documents that can help us to organize a number of data that require a very precise calculation. Therefore, it is not uncommon for us to see so many people using the software for their business or corporate needs.

How to Convert Excel to PDF online

But how can we see the contents of an Excel document without installing the office first? Can we see the contents of the document without an Office application? Of course not, if we want to see excel documents on our cellphones, then we must first download the office reader on our cellphones.

But if we don't want to download an office reader application, we can use the PDF format to be able to read the contents of the Excel file. And the following tutorial or how to convert Excel to PDF.

How to Convert Excel to PDF online

1. Using Microsoft Excel

You can change the file format from Excel documents to PDF by using Microsoft Excel software. Therefore, to be able to change it you must first open an Excel document that you will change the format to PDF document format. And here are some steps.

1. The first step you must take is to open an Excel document first and then you must click the File menu located in the upper left corner of the Excel worksheet.

2. After that, various menu options will appear from the File menu. And you only need to click the Save & Send menu as shown below. On the Save & Send menu, you must click the Create PDF / XPS Document button.

3. Then you will be taken to the Create a PDF / XPS Document menu. After that you have to click on the Create PDF / XPS menu.

4. After that you can name the document the name you want and then click the Publish button.

5. Wait a while until the document is saved in PDF format

2. Using Web Services

In addition to using Excel software, you can also convert Excel document formats to PDF format using Web services. To use Web services, you don't need a third party application to convert excel documents to PDF. And here is the way.

1. First you have to open a web browser that is on your computer. In this tutorial I use the Google Chrome web browser.

2. After that you can type as shown below. And click the link to open the web service.

3. Next you need to select the Excel document file that you want to convert the format to PDF. The trick is to click the Select Excel Files button in red as shown below.

4. Then you have to open the folder where the file is located and click the Excel document file that you want to change the format. Then click the Open button.

5. Wait a while until the Excel document upload process is complete.

6. If the upload process has finished, then you can click the Convert to PDF button located on the bottom right side in red as shown below.

7. Then wait for a few moments until the convert process is complete.

8. After the Convert process is complete, then you can download the PDF file by clicking Download PDF.

Thus the tutorial or how to convert Excel to PDF. Hopefully this article can be useful and can be a reference for you.

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